Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Two months in

We are two months in and today it kinda feels like I'm drowning. I started looking up the news stories again I was trying to see if your engine hoist was in your van because its not here at the house.  I didn't see anything that could have been part of it.  

When I got myself together I went to home depot for paint we have over half your shop primed and every one is coming over Saturday to help Finnish things up.  Dad put the first coat of paint on the three half cabinets I'm not sure he's putting them how you wanted but we are getting them up and off the floor.

We are going to start the pantry and the bathroom next.  The second room will probably be a playroom / guest room for a couple of years anyway.

I took Mary to the eye Dr today (her appointment is tomorrow) kinda a fail on that one.  Mom and Dad stayed with Jamie and Grace while I took her of course Grace did her homework no problem for them.  Dad took us to Casa Sol for dinner I think Jamie brought a hollow leg.  Grace didn't eat much the when they were taking a bath later she got sick.  During the time I was cleaning up her, the bathroom and later the bedroom floor I had Jamie try to take Rocky outside he fought a field mouse in the garage.

She is sipping water and watching paw patrol now the other two are in bed, and the dog is in the desk chair. Things are much calmer now.  Considering its the 18th I guess I did okay.  Just would have been easier if you were here. 

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