Friday, May 25, 2012

School's out

It is hard to believe that School is out already.  I imagine that my sisters are having a very emotional day today 2 of my Nephews are graduating in the morning.  Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day of celebrating these to young men, it seems like yesterday they were sitting in high chairs and eating Ice cream cones at mom's house.

My Mary finished Kindergarten winning the distinguished character award for her class, she is looking forward to first grade especially since she will still see her teachers when she walks Jamie to Pre- K. 

The pool is up and ready for use in fact we have already been in it a couple of times, now if I can make the girls understand that we cannot buy from the Ice cream truck every time one drives by we will be all set. 

If you need sun screen the anew really does help to reverse skin damage (my mom swears by it) and the skin so soft works great at protecting you from the sun and the bugs, my girls really like the one that goes on blue.  You can even get free shipping with the code:  FSMAY3