Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good bye November

I can not believe it is already the last day of November and only 26 days until Christmas.   I am hoping to Finnish up most of my shopping on Saturday when I go with my Mom and Sisters  hopefully I will be able to find a unicorn Happy Napper I was able to get Jamie the lady bug on Thanksgiving  when Walgreen's had them on sale buy one get one free I also bought the penguin thinking that it can go the Grace or Mary depending on what else I can find.  I realized the other day that I don't have much for Jamie she is to small for most of the kids items that Avon has and to big for the Tiny Tillia things at least she is happy with pretty much anything you give her and really loves Lady Bugs right now.  Mary is a little harder to buy for she seems to want everything that is advertised on TV  they both want those Stompiez slippers but I just can't justify over $20.00 for a pair of slippers.  

I am having a little trouble typing today Jamie is on  my lap and keeps touching the key she claims to only touch the old one though.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorating the tree

We decorated our Christmas Tree this weekend It turned out pretty good James picked up a pack of shatter proof ornaments at Home Depot so we don't have to worry about the girls and the tree as much.  They are really quite nice and Grace has discovered that they bounce on the kitchen floor.

I was wondering why it was taking so long to empty the box of ornaments when I realized that Grace was taking them off the other side of the tree.

you always need a cookie break when decorating the tree.

A couple of weeks ago Mary and I decided to try out the star Christmas tree cookie cutters that Avon is selling the it turned out really cute in the end though the bottom layers were a little hard to get from the cutting board to the cookie sheet.

We decorated them simply with butter cream frosting and sprinkles.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

I have been looking through Amazon trying to find the perfect baby dolls for the girls, it is amazing that people actually will pay $70.00 for a doll for a preschooler.  They are beautiful but I am looking for something that is durable also my little one play with there toys.

There are a lot of good deals out today Avon has free shipping add that to the special set they have out this year and you have some really nice gifts for a great price that are easy to wrap.

There are gifts for every body this year like a Kenneth Cole watch for the man in your life

Perfume or cologne sets

Make up and nail polish

great stocking suffers

decorations for around the house

young men

Gifts for her

Do you need a party dress?

Little girls
My daughter has the snowflake hoodie dress and Love's it.
help keep the little ones ears and hands warm

all the colors you could need and easy to transport

I hope you find some great deals to day as you do your online shopping and keep Avon in mind we do have some great products at amazing prices.

If you need a rep I would be happy to serve you

Friday, November 25, 2011

11 years

Today is my 11 anniversary some times it seems like yesterday, then I think about some of the things that we have been through and it seems like a life time.  We are truly blessed though for a while I was doubting that I would ever find some one to share  my life with, just one more thing that took me a little longer to do than most I was 29 when we married, then it took us 5 years before having out first child. Now eleven years later I cannot help but feel truly thankful for all that we have been through and all that we have mostly these three little girls.

Now that most of the crazy shoppers have hopefully gone home I think I am going to brave Kmart and see if I can get some of those dress/coat sets for the girls to wear to the tree lighting.

I hope if you went shopping this morning that you were able to get every thing you wanted with out injury.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday started out quite exciting the grounds keeper from the Governors Mansion told Dad they would be there at daylight and the saw would start at 8:00 AM. and it did they hooked a crane to the tree so it would not fall then lifted it into the air and started to lower it in the truck that is when things became a little more interesting.

After many tries they called for another truck.

It seemed a little short to us.

They did get it to fit with lots of tie down straps and a little after 12:00 PM they were on there way.

one of my Sister-In-Laws friends saw it on I-20

We hope it made it okay.  They did assure Mom that the tree would look beautiful and she would not be able to tell if there was any damage done. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Tree

Tomorrow they come and cut down the ceder tree at Mom and Dad's house it is going to be the Christmas tree at the GA Governors mansion this year.  It is kinda bitter sweet the tree will be missed and is seems a shame to cut it down but also an honor to have it chosen.

We had my families Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday it is really  a blessing we had 24 people around the table (actual 3 tables), I love Thanksgiving it is my favorite of the winter Holidays because it is just about family the comercializam has not take over yet and made it about money.

Here is the whole crew under the tree

pretty good crown only one grandchild is missing

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I saw so many people using the Elf on the shelf book and elf last year that I decided to give it a try also.  Monday while out running some errands I stoped in the Family Dollar and picked up an elf shelf sitter, I think it has been the best four dollars I have spent in a long time.  Jamie my 3 year old does not seem to understand but Mary has been on her best behavior since she got off the bus on Monday and the last two mornings I have only had to call her once to get up she is so excited to find the elf.  Tuesday morning she dressed in the bathroom so he could not see her underwear, this morning that no longer mattered. 

I have been trying to get things ready so we can hopefully put up or tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, I would much rather decorate the brave the crowds on black Friday though they do have some really good deals.  It is kinda looking like we are having an Avon Christmas at my house just easier to shop that way for me.  The girls do want those stompie slippers that they are advertising on TV.  I am glad I don't have boys from some of the toys they are advertising.  Give me my little pony and littlest pet shop any day.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I guess this is my introduction post.  I am new to all of this but have noticed that most of the  mommy blogs out there are made by younger moms.  I turned 40 this year and am starting to get used to being asked if I am my girls Grandmother.

A little about me.  I am the youngest of 5 children and the mother of 3 girls.  My husband and I have been married for 11years this month.  I sell Avon which my oldest thinks makes me like "a rock star" because they have Avon on TV. 

The best part of being a mom is always having somebody to remind you just how great life really is.  This morning it was in the 20's and my Mary was excited because she got to wear her heavy coat for the first time this school year, so I fixed myself a large cup of coffee bundled her and I up and enjoyed the beautiful full moon while we waited for the bus.

My favorite Avon products would have to be the new perfume Step In To Sexy, most of the Anew products I use the Revesalist and Genics, and for make up I mostly use the smooth minerals products.  You can find these products and my more at my store