Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good bye November

I can not believe it is already the last day of November and only 26 days until Christmas.   I am hoping to Finnish up most of my shopping on Saturday when I go with my Mom and Sisters  hopefully I will be able to find a unicorn Happy Napper I was able to get Jamie the lady bug on Thanksgiving  when Walgreen's had them on sale buy one get one free I also bought the penguin thinking that it can go the Grace or Mary depending on what else I can find.  I realized the other day that I don't have much for Jamie she is to small for most of the kids items that Avon has and to big for the Tiny Tillia things at least she is happy with pretty much anything you give her and really loves Lady Bugs right now.  Mary is a little harder to buy for she seems to want everything that is advertised on TV  they both want those Stompiez slippers but I just can't justify over $20.00 for a pair of slippers.  

I am having a little trouble typing today Jamie is on  my lap and keeps touching the key she claims to only touch the old one though.

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