Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December

Wow it is already December, I can not believe how fast this year has past It seems like in a flash.
This morning it was only 27 degrees out I thought I was going to freeze while Mary and I waited for the bus, she tried making frost angles (it does not work with a back pack on).  The girl is always thinking of something.

We had another Family project for school this time we decorated a Christmas Tree she seemed to have a good time doing it not sure if it is as good as the Turkey was but she is happy.   We have 2 more weeks of school then she will before Christmas break, I think some times I enjoy her time off more than she does.  It will just be nice to have some down time.

Jamie has been fighting a cold this week I do think we are on the winning side of things now Tuesday night was the worst it is so hard to give her anything because she is small for her age so even if it is okay for a 3year old they don't always have a dose set for her weight. 

We are looking forward to Sunday they are saying it is going to get up to 60 degrees with a few clouds so hopefully it will not be uncomfortable watching them light the tree.  I must say I don't understand why the Macy's tree gets so much media attention and the Governors does not seem to get any.

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