Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tree Lighting

Sunday was the big day we went and saw Dad's tree at the Governors Mansion.  It was really quite impressive.  The grounds keeper gave us a mini tour of the grounds they are beautiful if you are ever in Atlanta I highly recommend going on one of the tours.

The tree is a female apparently if a cedar tree has brown berries it is a female and red for male, she is 48 feet tall and 28 feet around weighing in at 7,000 pounds.  I guess maybe she got some of that chicken litter over the years.  They said it took 74,100 lights to cover her.  She was so pretty it brought tear to my eyes when they turned on the lights.  This is also the largest tree to ever be on the grounds.

I have to brag on the Governor and Mrs. Deal a little also they stood in the basement and had there picture taken with everybody who wanted that evening, everybody who worked or volunteered that we talked to spoke of how important it was to them that the people of Georgia feel they are welcome to come and visit the house.

I did not get any pictures of the inside of the house, a little hard to take pictures while holding a baby hopefully I will get some later form family members every room and tree was just  beautiful I can not think of a better way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Here are the girls as we get ready to go

Mom and Dad with all but 2 of the grandkids in front of the fountain

some of the grounds

The tree

The family with the Governor, Mrs. Deal and the grounds keeper who picked the tree.

Have you ever noticed that the important pictures are when your kids decide to cry or look at the floor.

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