Saturday, March 11, 2017

Van door

I forgot if I was supposed to open the van door at the top or the bottom of the door handle I knew it was cracked I just couldn't remember which side.  Two weeks after the accident my drivers side door handle broke.  For two months I got in the van from the passengers side. Dad and Matt replaced the handle it almost always works from the outside now most of the time it works from the inside but sometimes I have to put down the window and unlock it from the outside

They say red birds are spirits from heaven coming to check on us.  I think we have a nest in the bushes by the porch they love to sit o the van  and look in the side mirrors I am afraid to put the windows down in the driveway or they might fly in.  Last time one tried to land while were in the van Grace yelled at it "Daddy why are you pooping on our car".  There is so much she doesn't understand.

I took the van to get the oil changed at Walmart I didn't realize until she asked if I had parked in line that I've never taken a car to have the oil changed before.  I kept putting it off because they say they do a 21 point inspection and I didn't really want to see everything that is wrong in writing.  I didn't know it was just lightbulbs, wiper blades, and tire pressure.  They said I don't have a back wiper which kinda makes me wonder how good they did on the oil change, I also declined having it vacuumed pretty sure they didn't ask but it is dirty and I'm sure they don't like messing with car seats.

Friday was a struggle for me it started when I turned on Pandora they were playing " one call away ".   I stopped to get gas an the way to the school and the door wouldn't open.  While doing nachos two Dads came to eat lunch with there daughters,  on the way to girl scouts I saw a bug.  On the way home they played a song about keeping a picture in your pocket of the one you love until you cash be together again.  When we got home and I tucked in the girls I had a glass of wine.

I also suck at being the tooth fairy.