Monday, February 13, 2017

Death certificate

They have your death certificate's finally with all the errors corrected.  Everything is starting to happen now.  Workman's comp called last week they are still investigating but I should hear from them soon.  In the state of Georgia they pay part of the funeral I was surprised to hear that. 

I started attending grief group at church our Mary thought she should go with me, she does not like for me to go without her but I need it.

All the girls are still going to counseling at school Mary had hers Friday I'm not sure how many more sessions she will have they think she is doing really good and is open to talk about you freely.  They are going to pull Jamie and Grace separately this week, last time Jamie kept correcting Grace.

Dad, Matt, and Jim put in the attic stairs Saturday I was able to get up and find Jamie's cowgirl boots she was quite happy they are a little big on her but she insists on wearing them anyway. 

Drama club is performing The Wizard Of Oz this year Mary is working back stage, Jamie tried out for one of the munchkins purple.  Mary was invited into honors chorus again this year.  I was hoping the performing arts center would be finished this year.  Looks like we're driving to Roopville again this year. They are singing Irish songs this year she said she started to cry during Danny Boy the first time they sang it.

Your shop is done so is the pantry next is the bathroom. 

I'm tired sometimes I wish I could just stay in bed for a day and not take care of anything or anyone but I cant.  I overheard the girls talking yesterday they are worried about what to do for mother's day. I try to keep them from worrying about me. 

I can't help but picture you and Doug working on some crazy truck together.

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