Monday, January 2, 2017

Back to "normal"?

We made it thru the holidays I think Mary, Jessica,  and I cried most of mass on Christmas eve.  You would have loved the service they had all the kids come in with Father and stay at the alter until after the sermon.  I did much better on new years until dinner Mom smiled at me and I lost it poor Ben may never sit next to me again. 

School starts back tomorrow its nine o'clock all three girls have been up multiple time the usual excuses, the blue light won't work on Graces dream light, Jamie has a loose tooth, Mary can't sleep.  I told them if they give me a hard time in the morning I would take away the tablets.

It has rained the last few days I haven't noticed any water in the basement.  Dad wants to put the storm door up tomorrow he is worried about the landing getting wet with out any flooring down.  I am still hoping to put down the bamboo floors like we had planned, your Mom wants me to do laminate because Rodney put it in his house.  I just think the real wood is better and like you said the bamboo is very strong.

The noon mass on Wednesday is being said for you I'm trying to decide if I should change your tree for flowers then or wait until Sunday.  We didn't get to visit after church on new years eve Dad just doesn't understand go over for some reason.  However he will probably check on the tree tomorrow after theory do the counting. Maybe he just doesn't want to see us upset.

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