Saturday, December 31, 2016

If we make it thru December

That verse has been running thru my mind all month long like magically at midnight an January 1st everything will be better.  I know that is not true we will still have a year of first without you.  A life time of I wish Daddy was here for this.

We made it thru Christmas, we put a tree on your grave Gerber bought the girls a bunch of gifts you must have told them a lot about the girls because every one was perfect for each of them. 

Abra has continued to be there for us trying to help any way they can.  Brian and Steve stop by and check on us regularly.   They brought what could be saved from your van including by our work coat, it is still down stairs I touch it ever time I walk by it.

You parents bought me a necklace with a wing on it I added your ring to it.

I am still trying to figure out all the paper work most of it is at a stand still because the state messed up your death certificate and I am waiting on a new one. 

The dog is out of his crate he is really doing good he sleeps on the furniture of course but has not chewed anything up at night or when we have gone out. 

I put the bike rack on the van by myself.  I also took the garbage in your truck I even backed it up to the dumpster and didn't bump it.   I tried to get into the attic but brought up the wrong ladder the one you used just isn't tall enough for me. 

We are going to celebrate New Years the same way we always have, it will not be the same this year but we will make it thru.

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