Monday, December 26, 2016

There must be cars in Heaven

As I sit here the day after Christmas looking at the tree I cannot help but think this year is ending in a way I never thought could be.

I will go back to when my world came crashing down one of the worst days of my life.

November 18,20016 it started like any other Friday I put the girls on the bus then came in talked to my husband as he got ready for work.   We were making plans for the next week when the kids were out of school. Saturday was my families Thanksgiving, Sunday church and then Monday we would leave for vacation ending the week with his family on Thanksgiving and Friday our 16th anniversary.  He kissed me twice told me he loved me and went to work.

After James left for work I took care of the dog and got ready for a quick run to Sam's then to the school to help out for the day, it was just a normal Friday until my phone rang. 

I was selling nancho's like every week when my brother called asking if I had heard from James.  He asked me to call nobody can get in touch with him there has been an accident on I 20 an Abra van was in it they can't get in touch with three guys James is one of them.  I called him it went straight to voice mail (not normal) I sent him a text when you see this please give me a call.  Then I made my first mistake I looked up the accident on the news sites 5 and 11 had distant views from the helicopter showing both sides of the interstate blocked, 2 had a closeup of the front of the van, an Abra van older model not the new boxy glass vans the paint on the front was chipped just like his. 

I immediately went into full denial mode finished the nachos cleaned up and went to the book room.  Two of the many sweet teachers at the school noticed something was wrong.  They tried to get in touch with the resource officer to see if he could confirm a name, I got the number for one of the district managers and tried calling him (he could not talk to me ) the officer was in court.  Then the assistant principal came asked all the parents (3 of us) to come look at the new computer setup in the office.   

I noticed everyone was upset but I knew some staffing changes had just been made by the county and thought that's what was wrong.  He asked me to come into his office,  my parents were there.

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