Friday, January 6, 2017

Garbage service, ice, girl scout cookies, and building toys

Carolyn and Steve started garbage service for us this week.  The girls think its cool that we don't have to take it any more.  They were forecasting four inches of snow for the weekend, school released two hours early then we hurried to Carrollton to give out the troops cookie forms we have less than a month for pre orders.  Ended up all we got was about an inch of ice not that the girls cared they still played in it I had a hard time keeping Jamie inside.  Mary and I put her selfie booth together they put a couple pillows in the bottom now the dog has moved in he kept trying to push the girls out when they were playing.

I took down all the Christmas decorations except the nativity scene every thing but the tree is even in the loft of the building.  We watched kids baking challenge tonight Mary told me if I could teach her how to cook she could be on that show because she has great ideas.  I love her confidence at home just wish she took it out of the house with her.

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