Monday, January 16, 2017

The bus

The boys dropped the 510 off on Saturday and picked up the bus nothing was done to it just like you thought.  We have it covered with a tarp in the back yard until I can get a spot cleaned out in the garage.  I'm going to pick up some more on Wednesday when I take Mary to the eye Dr. 

I feel apart a couple of times today but did get things moved in the shed enough to get the pool in.  I wanted to get the Christmas tree out of the basement but Mary couldn't help me pick it up. We have another mouse down stairs its driving Rocky nuts every timer I move something he seems to knock it over.  He is mostly trying to get under the rabbit. 

The drawer front fell off one of the drawers I know I shouldn't have slammed it but I did and it fell off.  I sat on the floor and cried.  The girls were late going to bed, Mary and Jamie did get their thank you notes written Grace will be writing hers. 

The weather has been crazy we went from snow and ice to 70's in less than a week.   Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow we are hoping to get half the new garage painted I found 3 cans of kills on the back shelf so we will see how far it takes us.  Every one is coming over Saturday to work on getting the other half ready. 

I don't know what I'm going to do with all the cars.  Your Mom asked for one at the funeral Mike asked Sunday if he could buy one of the buggies.  I don't know what any are worth Ben and Jake might have some one interested in the green camper and Ben thinks the red truck should be pretty easy to sell.  

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