Thursday, April 26, 2012

Authors Tea

Today was the Authors Tea party at Mary's School.  Each of the kids wrote a small paragraph and then read it to the parents.   They all did a great job, it really amazes me how much they are learning in Kindergarten.  I think we only learned letters and numbers not reading and writing.

We are settling in to dog ownership now he is still having a little trouble adjusting at night but other than that we are getting along just fine.  The hardest part is keeping the kids out of his crate.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweet Louie

After 4 years we have decided to get another dog.  He is a seven year old Chocolate lab.  Very sweet and pretty calm unfortunately he is afraid of stairs and we have a split level house.  My new morning routine includes coaxing a 90lb dog down the stairs every morning to go outside.  He seemed really smart when we first got him picked up playing Frisbee right off the bat.  He loves the girls as much as they love him and is a great kid  herder every time one of them would start to wonder away at my Mother-in-laws he would quickly turn them back to us.